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Telescope HD Zoom Powerful Binoculars

Telescope HD Zoom Powerful Binoculars

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There is a 10-300x40 Metal Monocular HD Zoom Telescope Portable Telescope with Powerful Binoculars with a Tripod & iPhone Holder. This is for camping and traveling to enjoy the outdoors.


Objective lens coating: FMC broadband green film

Eyepiece Coating: Blue Film

Material: BAK-4Field of view: 3.5°

Size: 192*32mm (Stretch); 117*32mm (Shrink).

Product material: Metal and ABS plastic with steel.

It can be connected to a mobile phone to take pictures.

Packing list

Telescope x1

Telescope bag x1

Mobile phone holder x1 (Optional)

Tripod x1 (Silver and black random) (Optional)

Wiping cloth x1

Lanyards x1


They travel, do outdoor sports, watch, and use. This model has a close focal length of up to 0.5m, which is impressive and has advantages for viewing exhibitions at close range. It is small and light and can be carried at any time.


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