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Mini Electric Waffle Machine

Mini Electric Waffle Machine

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The Mini Electric Waffle Maker is a small, portable device that is capable of making mini waffles. The Bubble Egg Cake Oven is the largest machine in the world. Both machines come with a variety of features, such as adjustable temperature settings, indicator lights, and automatic shut-off. The Mini Electric Waffle Maker is also easy to use and clean, while the Bubble Egg Cake Oven is more complex and requires regular maintenance.


Product Name: MINI Electric Waffle Machine
Product size: 16.5 cm 8.5 cm
Packing size of the color box: 18*8.8*14.5cm
Wire length: 75 cm

Power: 350W
Product net weight: 580 G
Weight of the color box: 645 g


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