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Electric Dumpling Maker

Electric Dumpling Maker

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This is an electric dumpling maker that can be used in two modes, including a press mode and a non-slip mode, making dumplings easy and quick.



Name: Electric Dumpling Maker
Material: PP
Color (Optional): Gray, Green
Size: 14×10.5×13cm/5.5×4.1×5.1in


1. There may be slight differences between the picture and the actual commodity color. We will try our efforts to show you the exact color.
2. Please allow slight dimension differences due to manual measurement.


1 x Electric Dumpling Maker
1 x Dumpling Spoon
1× Brush


The electric dumpling maker mimics manual dumpling wrapping, reducing tedious hand-wrapping dumplings. Improve dumpling-making efficiency. Even beginners can operate it easily. Save time and effort.

2. Modes are adjustable. This electric dumpling maker has 2 dumpling press modes. An adjustable timer that adjusts to different hand speeds of 6 seconds / 9 seconds. Humane, no need to worry about hand speeds. User-friendly and suitable for more people to use.

With a Spoon and brush. There is a dumpling spoon and brush included in this package. It is very easy to pick out the right amount of stuffing with the spoon, which makes it easier to make the dumplings in a shorter time. The brush is also suitable for brushing a bit of water on the dumplings to ensure that they stick together better.

Easy to use and clean. With this electric dumpling maker, you will be able to make dumplings in no time at all. Using an electric dumpling maker, all you need to do is place the dumpling skin on the device and add the proper amount of meat to it. By pressing the button, it will form a delicate dumpling in a matter of seconds. It is a simple task to clean an electric dumpling maker since it is completely washable and dirt and grime cannot be hidden within its body.

USB Rechargeable and Non-slip Bottom. It is a USB rechargeable and reusable electric dumpling maker that can be recharged via USB. Furthermore, it comes with a non-slip bottom, so it is difficult to move the dumpling maker machine while it is in use. For parents, friends, and colleagues, it is a practical gift that is convenient for preparing dumplings and is a great gift idea.



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