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Baby Safety Lock

Baby Safety Lock

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Locker Lock for Children Home Drawer Cabinet Door Refrigerator Anti-pinch Lock Baby Goods for Children, Kids Locker Lock for Baby Safety Lock of Children's Lockers.


Product Name: Baby Safety Lock

Material :

The material used is PP, which is a safe and transparent material that will match all the furniture in the room.


Suitable for use in drawers, refrigerators, cabinets, toilets, hallways, and many other places


1. Adjustable from multiple angles with a tactful response to different ways in which the door can be opened and closed.
2. Furniture is made of transparent material that is integrated into the design.
3. The furniture does not suffer any damage as a result of the transparent non-marking glue.

How to Use:

1. Clean the surface of the place where the used product has been placed with a damp cloth
2. Remove the adhesive from the bottom of the sticker by tearing it off
3. Position the paste in the correct position on the paper.


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