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Automatic Egg Roll Machine

Automatic Egg Roll Machine

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Automatic Multifunctional Egg Roll Maker Portable Handheld Kitchen Automatic Cooking Tools Home DIY Breakfast Omelette Maker is a device that helps you get the best out of your eggs.



A high-quality PP shell is extremely resistant to heat and scalding. The food-grade liner is also heat-resistant and non-stick, making it safe to use for everyone. With just the right ingredients, such as bacon, ham, fruit, etc., you can put these in this fully automatic breakfast cooker, and it will mix them up and make delicious omelets for you. With this set of tools and your favorite ingredients, you can make a delicious breakfast with just these tools and your favorite ingredients. The egg cooker is included in each kit.
This device makes egg rolls within 10 minutes after you power it on. It is extremely convenient and portable, so you can have breakfast on your own anytime you like, and it is a great helper when you have family time. It can be used to make different family snacks for the kids, and it can also help you stay away from open flames while cooking. Egg sandwiches, egg rolls, omelets, and scrambled eggs can all be prepared with this device.


Product name: Automatic egg roll machine
Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
Rated power: 80W
Cut baking tube: Aluminum + coating
Decorative cover: Stainless steel

Steps for usage:

1.  Put the oil in the inner tank of the smoker and heat it for two minutes, then add the ham sausages.
2. Place 1-2 eggs in a bowl and crack them.
3. The egg roll will rise automatically after about 10 minutes, and you can enjoy it after that.


The liner tube temperature is high while preparing, please do not touch it with your hands.
We ask that you do not cook more than 2 eggs per tube to prevent oversplitting.
Do not stir the eggs before pouring them into the tube. This is because stirring will add more air which will lead to overflow while baking.
There must be someone looking after the machine when you cook. If this does not happen, the food will burn and cannot be eaten, and worse, it will cause a fire.


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