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Anti Burn - Hair Straightening Brush

Anti Burn - Hair Straightening Brush

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Introducing the Anti Burn Hair Straightening Brush, the ultimate styling tool for achieving silky smooth hair without fearing burns. This advanced brush utilizes innovative heat control technology to ensure a safe and consistent temperature throughout the styling process. The ceramic bristles gently glide through your hair, effectively straightening and reducing frizz. Experience effortless styling and enjoy beautiful, salon-quality results with the Anti Burn Hair Straightening Brush.

Hair Straightener Brush gives you naturally healthy silky hair that is easy to manage!


  • 🍀 Unique Comb

It has a built-in hair comb with teeth. You no longer have to pin and straighten your hair individually.

  •  For All Hair Types

Soft, thin, thick, curly, even facial hair! Just simply brush a straightener brush through your hair to smooth away frizz and waves.

  • Quality Material

The comb is made of PTC material. It provides constant temperature control for stable performance.

  • Straightener for Family

This is a hair straightener for the whole family. You can use it for adults and children. You can even use it for men and their beards.


  • Material: PTC
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 45W
  • Weight: 378g/0.83lb
  • Size: 10.6 x 1.18in / 270 x 120mm

- 1 Hair Straightening Comb Brush
- 1 Manual


When pressing the power button you should press the increase +/decrease - buttons until you select the desired temperature.
When the appliance is warming up to reach the selected temperature, the Temperature Indicator lights will flash. Once the temperature is reached, the lights will be fixed and lit, indicating that the appliance is ready for use.
1. With clean, dry hair, use a comb or brush to untangle each strand.
2. Connect the appliance to the outlet and press the Power Button.
3. Adjust the temperature using the Increase +/Reduce - buttons. For curly or thick hair, we suggest Temperature 5 (200ºC).
4. Divide the hair into sessions and work one strand at a time. For curly or thick hair, we suggest working with smaller and thinner strands.
Hold the strand firmly by the ends and pull it slightly out of your face so that the strands are firm and stretched.
6. Continue holding the wick firmly by the ends. Attach the Smoothing Brush to the wick and slide it slowly in a continuous downward motion. The slower you slide the brush, the smoother your strands will be.
The wires must fully penetrate the brush to stay in contact with the ceramic mini-plates inside the bristles.
7. After use, unplug the appliance immediately wait until it cools completely and then store it.

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