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6 in 1 Sandwich Machine

6 in 1 Sandwich Machine

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This is a 6-in-one sandwich machine that can be used for bread waffles, donuts, cake, and cooking kitchen appliances like a popcorn machine and a toaster. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of options. The machine also has a safety feature that prevents overheating. It is an ideal machine for people who want to save time and money when making sandwiches, waffles, donuts, cakes, and kitchen appliances.


6 in 1 Waffle Make

It has 6 in 1 toasters for bread, waffles, cookies, cakes, and donuts. It also has a breakfast steak machine and a donut maker.

Removable cooking plate

6 options for everyday cooking for the whole family

Donut Machine

Biscuit maker

Steak Machine

Sandwich Machine

Walnut cake machine

750W high-power

3 min Rapid heating

Rapid heating

Non-slip feet

Easy carry handle

Heating indicator


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