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5 Colors Skip Ball Fitness Equipment

5 Colors Skip Ball Fitness Equipment

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This is the new 5 colors Skip Ball Outdoor Fun Toy Balls Classical Skipping Toy Fitness Equipment Toy that is on sale now.

Features include:
100% brand new and of the highest quality!
One of the best fitness equipment that you can buy is the Skip Ball. The product is suitable for outdoor entertainment toys.
This product is suitable for most of the crowd, including kids (age 5+), ladies, people of all ages, etc.
The skip ball is looped around with one foot, while the other foot hops over the balls attached to the rope with the other foot. When you swing the toy with your leg, it gets moving and jumps over the ball and cord to get the ball moving.
As long as they have the energy to play with this toy, it is a great way to encourage children to exercise, and it will keep them entertained for as long as they want!
This is a very easy and funny game to play. This is a great way for children to improve their coordination and balance.
Hop on the rope for hours and hours, and the kids will have a blast.

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