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304 Handle Insulated Lunch Box

304 Handle Insulated Lunch Box

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304 Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermal Lunch Boxes Insulated Lunch Bags Soup Cup Thermos Containers for Students are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

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Product name: 304-handle insulated lunch box
Specifications: Single layer/double layer
Product material: Food-grade PP+304 stainless steel liner
Product capacity: Double layer 680ml/single layer 510ml
Product Colors: dark green, dark blue, white


1. The stainless steel liner is corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to clean
2. The lunch box is a double-layer hollow design, heat insulation, and anti-scalding and not hurt hands
3. A Built-in sealing ring can prevent the soup from overflowing
4. Optional thermal insulation bag, easy to carry
5. Humanized handle, stable material, anti-fall and strong bearing capacity
6. External silicone air holes release internal air pressure
7. The bottom adopts a concave-convex smooth design, which is stable and does not scratch the desktop
8. 4 hours of long-lasting heat preservation


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